The VersaChlor System I comes factory-assembled and ready for dealer installation. It is pre-plumbed atop a compact, elevated aluminum frame making final plumbing connections quick and easy. The System I works with any swimming pool controller and its new modular design incorporates an inlet/outlet bypass valve that facilitates cleaning for low-maintenance operation.

Additionally, the System I eliminates over-stabilization associated with Trichlor systems and has many advantages over liquid bleach, including lower acid consumption and no spill containment requirements.

Engineered for HMAC pools up to:

  • 80,000 gallons (outdoor stabilized)
  • 40,000 gallons (outdoor unstabilized)
  • 150,000 gallons (indoor)

*Stabilizer levels assumed to be 15 ppm. Treatable gallons vary depending on factors such as bather load, climate, stabilizer level, etc.

system I package

Simple to Install and easy to Operate
  • Pre-plumbed, skid-mounted
    • Connect pre-plumed skid with 1” inlet and 1”outlet lines.
    • System isolation valves provided
    • Install union connected sub-assembly sections shipped in seperate box
  • Pre-wired electrical connections
    • Plug and 10’ cord for 120v power supply (15 amp)
    • Plug and 10’ cord for 120v controller run signal
  • Overflow protection standard
    • Allows the System to automatically lower solution tank levels in the event of an overflow caused by inlet float valve or discharge check valve failures

Advanced Features

The eZ cleaning loop makes it almost effortless to deep clean all the system components by simply turning a few valves and automatically creating a contained cleaning loop.

The top of the sieve plate is also the basket that holds the VersaChlor tablets. No need to remove tablets by hand any more. Just remove the eZ-Out Sieve Plate Basket and you have immediate cleaning access.

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