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How to describe the Easy Feed VersaChlor® Total Package Systems

The VersaChlor® Easy Feed Total Package Systems are fully engineered and require minor assembly upon installation. The Systems are skid mounted on durable aluminum frames and require minimal connection of modular components prior to start up. Each System is prewired for pump power and to accept a run signal from an ORP controller; each System requires a dedicated 15-amp circuit for power.

There are three Easy Feed VersaChlor® Chlorination Systems: The VersaChlor® Total Package System I, System II and System III. Each VersaChlor® System is NSF Std 50 Listed for use only with the VersaChlor® cyanuric- acid free calcium hypochlorite tablet. The VersaChlor® tablets are available in easy to handle 37.5 lb. plastic pails.

The VersaChlor® Easy Feed System accepts a side stream of water from the pool return line. VersaChlor® Tablets resting on the internal sieve plate erode uniformly and produce a dilute hypochlorite solution that is pumped back to the pool return line. The VersaChlor® Easy Feed Chlorination Systems will eliminate exposure to high cyanuric acid conditions and corrosive solutions such as liquid bleach in pump room.

Each VersaChlor® System has a recommended range of treatable pool water in gallons. The recommended range can vary due to stabilizer levels (minimum of 15 PPM of cyanuric acid recommended), climate conditions, bather load and other local health code requirements. Please consult your local dealer or Westlake Water Solutions through the VersaChlor® Website for specific VersaChlor® System sizing questions.

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